has been online for almost 3 years now. We have enjoyed bringing you the latest news and views of the parks and have since expanded into iOS application development through our sister venture, As time has rolled on our focus to bring you the latest and greatest that happens at the parks has expanded a bit with the introduction of these applications. In order for us to continue that evolution, we have updated the site’s design; adding some functionality and incorporating some features that we will expand on over the coming months.

This all started with a minor structure change of the back-end of the site. As we got further into the changes, the more sense it made to just move onto a new design that would support the back-end additions we were implementing as well as hopefully speed up the site for your viewing pleasure.

Another addition, was adding an optimized version of the site for mobile browsing. Over the coming days we will be tweaking all of the designs and pages to make sure that things present themselves consistently, whether viewed from your desktop or your mobile browser. In the meantime, if you see anything wonky, or have an idea that you would like to pass onto us, please feel free to give a shout on our contact page or you can catch us on twitter, or Facebook.