As we have written before, opening the parks at Walt Disney World is somewhat of a big deal. It is always someone’s first time and the castmembers do their best to make it a memorable occasion. Disney’s Hollywood Studios is no different, or maybe very different in their approach to the rope drop.

Disney's Hollywood StudiosDisney’s Hollywood Studios (nee The Disney-MGM Studios) is the premier place to ride the thrills and learn a bit about the art of movie-making. The park celebrates film and Hollywood’s contribution to the American experience. There are fast-action rides like the Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith and Star Tours, there are thrills at the Tower of Terror and there are star performances from the likes of Indiana Jones.

None of that begins, however, until the park is open. Not to be outdone by anyone, the cast of Disney’s Hollywood Studios puts on quite a production every mornig when they open their park.


If you can manage to see these park openings, plan them into your next visit. They are like nothing else you will see at any other place in the world and certainly worth waking up early to see.