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Frontierland celebrates the pioneering spirit of the early Americans our Westward expansion as we drove to build this great nation. As you travel back in time you will notice that from the start of Frontierland, near Liberty Square, to the end near Adventureland you pass through about ninety years of time.

The architecture of the buildings showcase the times from their particular eras. Even their addresses point to the years when one would have found that particular style of architecture on the frontier.

Go West?

From the simple fact that the Western themed land lies on the West of the park to the period posters and signage, all those tiny details work together to create what some call the most American of the themed lands.

That attention to details may have been aided in the fact that Walt, as well as many of his Imagineers, loved cowboy films and the old West itself. The atmospheric detailing in Frontierland gives it a strong identity that has been a favorite of the guests for years.

2 fathoms deep

As you continue to explore the Old West, you cannot escape the single most important literary voice of that era – Samuel Langhorne Clemens. Samuel Clemens, or as he has come to be known as Mark Twain, gave the gift of narrative to the ever expanding American expansion.

His wit and wisdom provided critical commentary on society of the day, but his imagination gave us some of the greatest literary works ever produced in America. These stories resounded with Walt and he incorporated that first-person witness to the Magic Kingdom on Tom Sawyer Island.