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From his earliest childhood, to the time he enlisted in World War I, Walt had a thirst for the adventurous life. Adventureland is the physical manifestation for every childhood dreamer who wanted to sail the Spanish Main, navigate the treacherous rivers of the world or set sail on a magic carpet over the desert.

Here in Adventureland the bravest of the brave test their mettle amongst the Pirates of the Caribbean and the likes of Jack Sparrow. The wanderer in you can take to the waters of the world on a Jungle Cruise like no other. Or for those who prefer the more refined pleasures of bird-watching, take in the wonderful examples of flora and fauna at the Enchanted Tiki Room; the birds sing words and the flowers croon.

Avast, there be pirates among ye!

Pirates of the Caribbean is one of the most loved rides in the parks. Originally created a a self-guided tour, the ride took on its own life after the 1964 World’s Fair. Walt and the company had developed several attractions for the fair which pushed the envelope on new technologies that allowed much more life-like behaviors of the cast.

The Pirates of the Caribbean was not originally intended to be part of the Magic Kingdom. Due to the close proximity to the headwaters of real pirate legends, a cowboys and Indians ride was to take its place in Adventureland. This did not sit well with fans of the ride, so a condensed version of the ride was opened in the park on December 15, 1973.

Attention to details?

Walt was fastidious when it came to details in his stories. This attention to details continues to be a driving force within the Walt Disney Co. As you wander around Adventureland the architecture from the different cultures blends seamlessly to create a wonderful experience.

What you may not realize is that some of these buildings are visible from other areas of the park. So certain elements need to be modified so they fit not only into their home, but are good neighbors to the adjoining lands.

As an example, the roof of the Enchanted Tiki Room has traditional South Pacific architectural elements and styling. What you may not realize is that the top of the building can be seen from Frontierland. The Imagineers chose water buffalos as the animal styling, knowing that they also resemble Texas Longhorns for those who may spot the top of the building while moseying through Frontierland.