Mickey’s Toontown Fair

Mickey’s Toontown Fair

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Mickey’s Toontown Fair closed on February 11, 2011 to make way for the New Fantasyland.

Originally built as Mickey’s Birthdayland, in celebration of our favorite mouse’ 60th birthday. After the party was over, the land was converted to Mickey’ Starland which eventually became Mickey’s Toontown Fair. The chance to meet Mickey, Minnie and the gang, as well as walk through their houses has become a do-no-miss part of any trip to the Magic Kingdom.

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Everything in Toontown is unique to cartoons and the fun they bring to us all. From the rounded corners everywhere to the bright colored shingles, everything has the sense of style that can only come from a Silly Symphony cartoon.

Right in front of the town square is a statue of the founder, Cornelius Coot. Every town has some sort of industry and it is only fitting that ToonTown’s is corn.

Walt <3 Mickey

My only hope is that we never lose sight of one thing, that it was all started by a mouse.
Walt Disney

Walt knew that the great success he had over his life began with some simple lines on a paper that represented Mickey Mouse. Over the course of his life, building his company, he kept that simple approach to business which proved to be a great success. Despite the success, he was vigilant in his predilection to Mickey and all the success and accolades he had brought to Walt.