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As much as Walt was aware of his past and its effect on the present, he was equally fascinated with the future and the wonders that were to be discovered tomorrow. The problem with naming anything tomorrowland is that tomorrow eventually arrives and debunks whatever inventions you had been showcasing.

When the new Tomorrowland was created, it was with that knowledge and a desire to design a retro tomorrow. Sleek streamlined architecture hearkens both to yesterday and tomorrow, while the story of the land has grown into that of a burgeoning spaceport on this small blue planet.

Alien encounter v.2 + more

When the time came to rework Tomorrowland, there was a lot of talk about how the attractions in the Magic Kingdom were not thrilling enough. The Imagineers took that to heart and created a great attraction that placed guests in a room with an alien, who eventually escaped.

The attraction was a dark ride, both thematically and atmospherically, that had a lot of fans but apparently more detractors. A few years after opening, the ride was replaced with the current attraction, Stitch’s Great Escape. It has some of the original thrills of Alien Encounter, but is a bit more friendly to the smaller terrestrial travelers in these parts.

There are other attractions that have evolved over the years, while others have been completely replaced. The beauty of Tomorrowland, and any magical land at Disney’s parks, is the continuing evolution of the rides, attractions and shows.

Dreamers + Doers

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.

Walt’s belief that there was nothing too large that could not be mastered by dreaming big and acting on those dreams. Believing in the ability to manifest change by setting a goal and steering all efforts towards that end.

Tomorrowland is that dream. A central destination for the traveler, world or intergalactic, to find a place to rest, rejuvenate and enjoy the spectacle before the eyes. The only constant that tomorrow can bring is change and Tomorrowland will continue to change as new technologies allow greater ways for the imagineers to tell us stories.