Went to the Pleasure Island 24 with my daughters and passed by the UP promotion they had in the theater. I snapped a quick iPhone pic and walked on by, but my 3 year-old took a closer look.

2009-01-30_mov_up_001As I was walking away, the little one was calling for me to lift her up to see. I figured the binoculars were just a prop, but humored her anyway. Well, turns out the thing works and shows the teaser promo for the movie when you press the button.

This has got to be one of the cooler in theater promotions I have seen in a long time.They just need a better footing for the little ones to be able to reach, rather than their poor father’s stooping to hold them while they watch the trailer. And in the words, directly from the Pixar blog, here is what the movie is about:

Up is described as a “comedic adventure” starring a 78-year man named Carl Fredricksen, who’s “spent his entire life dreaming of exploring the globe and experiencing life to its fullest”. Due to his age, he thinks life has “passed him by”. One day, however, a “twist of fate”, and an 8-year old “Wilderness Explorer” named Russell, changes his outlook on life. The pair go on adventures, encountering “wild terrain”, “unexpected villains” and “jungle creatures”.

As we have all come to know, Pixar creates the best animated features, period. You can check out the latest trailers at the official site. Hopes are high for another hit from the talented folks and what is even more intersting is that the film will be presented in 3D in some markets. The film opens May 29, 2009.