The press event surrounding the grand opening of The American Idol Experience, at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, was an incredible event attended by all 7 previous winners of the talent show.

Video of the Motorcade


Press Event

Disney’s Hollywood Studios was a sea in blue carpeting to celebrate the grand opening of The American Idol Experience. The cloudy start to the day did not deter anyone’s spirits and it is always a thrill to be at Disney whenever they open a new attraction. The last one I attended was when I worked for the company and we opened Disney’s Animal Kingdom so it was great to be on the other side looking in and having a great day watching the festivities.

Disney will bring in media from all over the world to promote different attractions, celebrations and other events they want to spread the word about. Last Thursday’s event was around the Grand Opening of The American Idol Experience, which officially opened yesterday, February 14, 2009. American Idol is an powerhouse in Fox TV’s lineup so it is amazing to see an attraction at Disney based around this concept.

All of the previous 7 idol winners, as well as many other popular contestants, were in attendance for the big day. You could see many wandering around the park and enjoying, not only Disney’s wonderful attractions but also their fans.


The end of the day was invitation-only and included a concert for all. If the early responses I have heard so far are any indication, it looks like this will be another great attraction at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in the Walt Disney World Resort. So get there early in the day to try out and maybe you can make it to Hollywood and be the next American Idol.