ESPN the Weekend had so many things going on throughout the event, it was nearly impossible to see them all. From motorcades and live broadcasts to panel discussions and interactive exhibits the weekend was a huge success. We have tried to cram as much into a short video as possible.

Video compilation

If a picture is worth a thousand words, this video is worth about 3,180,00 words. We tried to pack as many of the events in as possible, even though some were just in depth discussions about sports and their impacts over the years.


Wrapping it up

ESPN the Weekend, despite a little rain on Sunday morning was another great event at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. If you were unable to make it this year, plan on it for next year. There is no other event throughout the year where so many talented athletes are assembled for the sole purpose to meet, greet and answer questions directly from the fans.

ESPN did a tremendous job and our thanks to Kim Jessup and ESPN Communications for providing such wonderful access to us for our coverage here on the site.