Bunnytown is a great show that has been on the Disney Channel’s Playhouse Disney schedule since late 2007. It is an innovative mix of classic puppets and live action actors. This will be the first DVD release for the TV show and is sure to be a success.


You can learn all about the bunnies in Bunntown at Disney’s very own website devoted to the cute little furry critters.

DVD for sale

This is the first time that the episodes will be available for sale since the show began. You can find your copy at Amazon.com or your local retailer.

Set in a bustling world where laughter rules and carrots are a close second, the bunnies of “Bunnytown” create a fun-filled, comedic learning environment. Bunnytown has its very own superhero, inventor, caveman, mischief-maker, rock star and school-age bunnies, to name a few. The bunnies play, sing, dance, hike, go on picnics, and even blast into space. Some of the more curious bunnies burrow their way out of Bunnytown through colorful tunnels and emerge in the neighboring Peopletown to observe the comical antics of their human counterparts, including a live-action Laurel and Hardy-style silent comedy team, among others.

Each half-hour episode features a wide range of original music representing a rich panoply of musical styles including hip-hop, disco, country, cool jazz, girl-group pop, klezmer, piano and guitar rag, and light opera. The Bunnytown Band, which was inspired by the looks and sounds of Earth Wind and Fire and Sly and the Family Stone, are a mainstay of every episode, performing their greatest hits such as “The Bunnytown Hop” and “Making Music.”

The series’ educational curriculum is designed to support children as their understanding of, appreciation for, and participation in humor burgeons during the preschool years. “Bunnytown” draws its greatest influence from visual humor and visual support for verbal content. The series also takes early academic skills such as counting, shapes and vocabulary and places them in humorous context so that kids can learn while they laugh.