Welcome cards and some of the prints have started to arrive in the hands of D23 members. I received my welcome card yesterday in the mail

D23 membership

I am actually a little surprised in the manner with which the card arrived. When I renew my Disney Annual Pass, the thank you note arrives in an envelope and the card is foil embossed. The D23 welcome came in a mailer that is folded over and the card adhered on the insed with gummy paste. For the official community for Disney fans, I have to say the presentation of the membership card leaves quite a bit to be desired. For the pricey membership fee, I would have assumed that the Disney could have at least sprung for an envelope to protect the materials, since many folks will want to save these items; my materials are bent and scuffed which is hardly the way I would have expected them to arrive.

Nevertheless, I look forward to see what this membership provides to its community. We will be trying to make it to the convention in California later this year. Will you?