Variety is reporting that Disney is in negotiations to acquire a stake in the hugely popular site, hulu.

The Deal

Although representatives from Disney and hulu have declined comment, Paid Content has reported that negotiations are underway for Disney to take an equity stake in the massively popular video site. hulu has become the number 2 video site, just behind Google’s YouTube.

Although Disney was ahead of the curve in providing video content of their properties on ABC, they have done little since that began back in 2006. They state that negotiations are in progress with a number of different online vendors and there is no imminent deal with hulu.

Wrapping it up

This would be a great move for the Disney Co. to get involved with hulu. There content fits perfectly with the snippets/full show format of the site and would expand their reach with hulu. I have used hulu since its beta stage and find it a great way to enjoy the shows I like when I can and catch up on those that I miss out during the week. There is a lot content in Disney’s media library that may find new viewers and old content that will certainly find new life on the site. I hope this is more than just speculation but time will tell.

You can read both articles at Variety and Paid Content.