Exciting news about the ongoing development of the Walt Disney Family Museum, being built at the Presidio in San Francisco. An article in the New York Times today details the history of the development of what is sure to be a must-see destination for the millions of fans of Walt.

Diane Disney Miller

Walt and Lillian Disney’s surviving daughter recalls how so many people she has met over the years have no idea that her father was a real person.

It all started with a nasty book and my frustration with how reporters all around the world picked it up,

Referencing, Walt Disney: Hollywood’s Dark Prince by Marc Elliot, Mrs. Miller recalls how that book and others, like Walt Disney: The Triumph of the American Imagination, have cast aspersions on the memory and great work of her father in developing some of the greatest icons of American film and entertainment ever produced.

These exeriences helped lead to the planning and eventual construction of the museum dedicated to refocusing the historical legacy of a true American original, Walt Disney.

The Museum

There are so few people around today that actually knew Walt that many of the stories about him have missing, incomplete or completely false information associated with his legacy. The museum is dedicated to telling the story of Walt’s life from the stories of people that knew and worked with him.

San Francisco was chosen as the home of the museum in part due to its proximity to Mrs. Miller’s home but also to separate itself from the corporate location in Southern California.

The musuem is a small space and tickets will be carefully controlled; allowing no more than several dozen people at timed intervals. The museum will open in the Fall of 2009 and expects about a half a million visitors a year.