Disney Consumer Products offers a wide variety of products for you and your pets. Gone are the days of just the simple Mickey Mouse watch; today Disney offers products ranging from health and beauty products to offerings for you and your pets.

The Latest Product

The Orlando Sentinel is reporting that Disney has begun testing of Farm Fresh eggs with licensed character images on the eggs themselves. Teaming up with Eggland’s Best to produce the eggs that are packaged in a brightly colored wrapping that is sure to stand out in the grocery store aisles. The testing of the product has begun in a limited fashion in Florida and New York with Colorado coming online soon in the market testing.

Disney Consumer Product

From vitamins and personal care to fresh fruits and snacks, Disney’s Food, Health & Beauty line of business has played an integral role in the growth of Disney Consumer Products (DCP). Establishing DCP as an “active licensor” by working in concert with licensees, Disney Food, Health & Beauty takes an active role in the development and marketing of a diverse array of quality, innovative products that touch consumers’ lives each day.

Disney Food, Health & Beauty offers products for all ages inspired by beloved Disney characters, Disney films and Disney Channel entertainment. Most recently, the group has been a driving force behind The Walt Disney Company’s strategy to promote healthy eating habits for kids. Through new food licensing programs, product reformulations and relationships with leading manufacturers and retailers around the world, the Disney food group offers parents healthy alternatives their kids will love.

Disney Food, Health & Beauty recently entered the pet category under the brand Disney Pets offering an assortment of high quality whimsical products for discerning pet lovers – from pet food and apparel to pet beds and accessories.