Variety is reporting that Gore Verbinski, the directorial genius behind PotC trilogy, has informed them that he is not interested in helming the fourth installment.

Image © Copyright Disney

Image © Copyright Disney

Pirates of the Caribbean

According to the article, Gore Verbinski has informed Jerry Bruckheimer, the producer, and Disney that he is moving on beyond the Black Pearl. Verbinski is set to direct Bioshock next, a film based on the videogame.

The movie is in pre-production so this development may still have repercussions as it moves to getting the greenlight for filming. There are many directors who may wish to take this franchise on, but Verbinski’s departure is sure to have an effect.

The next installment is set for a 2010 release, which may or may not slide due to the announcement from Gore Verbinski. The films are available on Blu-Ray and DVD.