I spent Friday and Saturday trying to catch a ride on the new Characters in Flight at Disney Downtown’s West Side. Unfortunately, the winds were too much for the new attraction, so I regrouped and played around with my two tilt shift lenses.

Photo essay

The beauty of the tilt-shift lens, beside being able to correct convergin lines in architectural photography, is evident from a high vantage point; you can make the landscape appear to be miniature. This lilliputian view on the real world has a magical effect, that can be duplicated through custom Photoshop work, but is best when actually done in camera. These are some of the views of the West Side at Downtown Disney.

The above shot was taken with a Canon 40d with a 24mm Canon TS-E lens.

The next shot was taken with the Canon 5D Mark II and a 90mm TS-E.

Wolfgang Puck’s was taken with the Canon 40d as well.

This is the view looking past the AMC 24 Theaters at Pleasure Island.

This is a nice little park-like setting just outside of Bongo’s. It is a wonderful little green space to enjoy a nice afternoon.

One of the nice features of the tilt-shift lens is the ability to soften the image, aiding in focusing the viewer’s eye towards a central element.

Wrapping it up

So the days were not a total wash, although I would have preferred a ride in the new Characters in Flight. I will try again later this week and will post imagery as soon as I can.