Happy Earth Day! In celebration of the day, Disneynature, the newest film label from the Walt Disney Co., is releasing an amazing film titled simply – earth.

earth, the first film under the Disneynature label, introduces us to three animal families—Polar bears, African elephants, and Humpback whales—who struggle to survive in our planet’s changing world. earthis created by the acclaimed creative team behind the Emmy Award-Winning®“Planet Earth,” Director Alastair Fothergill and Co-Director Mark Linfield.

earth is an inspiring vision: a glorious celebration of a lucky planet and a unique educational experience. Designed to spark a student’s curiosity and imagination with its scale and drama, the film provides a spectacular introduction to key themes of scientific and geographical study.

Continuation of Walt’s legacy

Disneynature is a brand new film label, building on the rich legacy of Walt Disney’s groundbreaking Academy Award-winning® True-Life Adventures series, bringing new stories of the natural world around us to the motion picture screen as never before. Through the artistry of storytelling and utilizing new state-of-the-art technologies, leading filmmakers will make it possible for moviegoers to experience nature with an unprecedented sense of grandeur and intimacy.

See a movie, plant a tree

On top of what promises to be a great movie experience, Disneynature is committed to plant a tree for every ticket sold between April 22 and 28. These new trees will be planted in the Brazilian Atlantic Forest, considered the most endangered rain forest in the world. This is one time when going to the movies is actually the socially conscious thing to do this weekend.