So, more information has come to light about the cryptic Shine On banners and their association with The Walt Disney Co.


Press Release

ORLANDO, Fla., May 11, 2009 – Walt Disney World Resort made a clear connection between itself and the recent “shine on” sightings in Central Florida by arriving at the Coalition for the Homeless this morning on a “prize patrol” bus with Mickey Mouse and a check for $60,000 in tow.

“Today is a fabulous day,” says Eugene Campbell, vice president of Community Relations and Minority Business Development for Walt Disney World Resort, with a smile. “We are sharing some of our magic by shining a spotlight on some very deserving non-profits and students who help make dreams come true in our community.”

For the next two weeks, Disney will disperse prize patrols across Central Florida to surprise, reward and recognize award recipients for two of its signature community outreach programs. Disney’s Helping Kids Shine Grants financially support non-profits that are actively involved in improving children’s lives. Disney Dreamers and Doers recognizes outstanding students who help better their communities through volunteer service.

By May 22, a total of 34 Disney’s Helping Kids Shine Grants and 15 top Dreamers and Doers Shining Stars will be awarded. Prize patrol reports and pictures will be posted on so you can follow along on the journey across Central Florida and track the total giving.

Wrapping it up

Disney has always created a huge impact on the communities where they reside. Historically, the company has been a great neighbor here in Central Florida and this latest donation is another example of how they can use their role as a major employer to raise money and awareness to benefit the community.