Gail Caron Levine is a wonderfully gifted storyteller. From her Newberry Awards to adaptaptions for film, her characters hold up no matter what format they take place within. It is being reported that her series of books based on the Disney fairies will now be adapted to graphic novel format.



Publishers Weekly is reporting that a deal has been reached to bring the wildly successful Disney fairies franchise from chapter books to graphic novels. Papercutz has reached agreement to bring these stories to life as a series of graphic novels. The series will hit store shelves sometime in April of 2010.

Papercutz is al publishing company for tweens 8-14, launched in the Spring of 2005 with the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew. Papercutz is led byTerry Nantier, CEO, founder of a leading indie graphic novel publishing company and Jim Salicrup, Editor-in-Chief, formerly editor at Marvel and founder of the Topps Comics line.