Most families are still planning summer vacations despite tough economic conditions, according to a recent survey from Disney While 82 percent of surveyed families plan to take vacations, 33 percent of those families are scaling back by spending less time or money on trips this year. Conversely, families who are not traveling this summer cite budgetary and economic concerns as the top reasons they are staying close to home.


Specific ways in which families are adjusting their summer vacation plans include:

  • Fifty-six percent are taking shorter trips,
  • Forty-one percent are driving versus flying,
  • Forty percent are figuring out ways to eat out less often while on vacation.

To help families plan summer vacations on a budget, Disney has added new content to the Travel resource section of the site, helping parents make the most of the summer months whether it be planning long weekend vacations, a “stay-cation” or even a “day-cation.” The site’s travel resource is specifically designed with families and kids in mind and provides a unique combination of expert reviews, parent recommendations, age-appropriate points of interest for family-friendly destinations on any budget.

“Our goal is to help parents plan a great family vacation whether they are going to travel across the world, across the country or across town – even on a budget families can plan fun summer vacations,” said Emily Smith, Vice-President of the Disney Family Group.

The Disney Travel Web site helps plan summer vacations for any family by allowing moms to search by type of activities, including the great outdoors, beaches, culture and history or theme parks. For each vacation destination, there are age-appropriate recommendations for places to stay and eat, maps, actual video tours of family vacations, fun facts and other activities. New content includes ideas and activities closer to home and fun ideas to create the vacation feeling in your own home or backyard.

“Families are being forced to adjust their travel plans this summer, but that doesn’t mean they have to sacrifice any of the fun,” according to travel expert and Disney spokesperson Claire Newell. “By getting a little creative parents can bring the feel of Africa or Italy to their own backyards or plan for a local getaway on just one tank of gas.”

In addition to survey findings, the travel resource features tips and ideas including:

Survey Methodology
The results of the survey, underwritten by Disney and conducted by Usability Sciences, are based on responses of 12,701 Disney Family visitors in the United States. The survey was conducted over a period commencing March 11, 2009 and continuing through March 23, 2009. The margin of error is + or – 1%.

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