I know what I want for Christmas!

© Copyright Disney

© Copyright Disney

This 16″ robot thinks he’s a real space ranger that has crash-landed into your room. Talk to him and he’ll interact with you. Buzz responds to six voice commands, including “Buzz Lightyear,” “Salute,” “Fire Laser” and more. Say “You’re A Toy!” to switch his space ranger personality to a toy character for a whole new set of different responses.

Powered by 7 motors, this Ultimate Buzz Lightyear walks, talks, turns, blinks, salutes, fires his laser, answers his communicator; he even has a “Give Me 5!” action. More than 100 phrases in Buzz Lightyear’s original voice and cool SFX. Easy-to-use “Puppeteering Programming” lets you move his head, arms and legs, and he will record and play back the exact motions in sequence.

Use the 15-function wireless infrared remote control to play an interactive Target Game with Buzz, and more. Comes with multiple smart sensors for sound and motion detection.

Estimated SRP: $129.99 – $149.99
Retailers: Toys”R”Us, Walmart, Target, DisneyStore.com
Available: Fall 2009

Wrapping it up

I remember when Toy Story came out and the first Buzz Lightyear hit the market. I checked all over Orlando for him but to no avail. A good friend of mine scored one and saved it for the a special occasion a few months later when they were still nearly impossible to come by. This looks to be another great Buzz toy for the upcoming holidays.