Since his debut on November 18, 1928, in Steamboat Willie, Mickey Mouse has been the most recognizable figure at The Walt Disney Company. Mickey became the first licensed character for Disney when, in 1929, he appeared on a writing tablet.


Research shows that Mickey occupies a unique niche with consumers who perceive him as a character who brings magic and fantasy to their lives. Binding generations together more than any other character, Mickey is a hero who reminds all ages of the benefits of laughter, optimism and hope.


Funny, high-energy, optimistic, good-natured, can-do spirit, helpful, trust-worthy and adventurous.


Mickey Mouse is joined by friends Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, Pluto and Goofy.

New Content

  • 100 new episodes of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse in production
  • 10 All-New Mousekercize shorts in production
  • In fall 2009 Disney Channel prime-time movie premiere “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Choo-Choo Express”
  • In fall 2010, Disney Channel prime-time movie premiere “Mickey’s Clubhouse Road Rally”


  • Forbes magazine ranks Mickey Mouse as the world’s most valuable character worth an estimated $5.8 billion
  • 97 percent awareness among children ages 3 to 111
  • Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment sold over 60 Million DVD/Videos2
  • Disney Comics for children are No. 1 in the world and 70% of those feature Mickey Mouse and his friends2
  • Italy’s Mickey-inspired Topolino magazine has been one of the most popular magazines in the country for the past 70 years. An impressive 65% of Topolino’s readers are over the age of 182
  • Mickey regularly appears on the Children’s Billboard Top 40 Chart and has sold over over 3.8 million albums including the top-selling Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Soundtrack and Mickey’s Party Songs2
  • Disney’s Toontown Online was the first 3D online game for kids and families


Mickey is supported year-round by every division of The Walt Disney Company with renewed emphasis on his new TV series, “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.” Disney Consumer Products develops fun and stylish products for fans of all ages, reinforcing consumers’ emotional and nostalgic bond with Mickey Mouse, while introducing a new generation to the world’s most popular character.

Property Highlights:

  • Mickey Mouse has appeared in more than 120 different cartoons, a handful of television series, and appears on thousands of items of merchandise. He inspired the world’s most famous Theme Parks and continues to fulfill his role as the muse for everything Disney.
  • Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, which launched in May 2006, airs every day on Disney Channel’s Playhouse Disney block and has become a top-rated series with its target audience of preschool kids ages 2-5.
  • Disney Couture and Disney Vintage fashion labels inspired by classic Mickey art are available worldwide at retailers such as Fred Segal in the US, Collette in Paris and in Tokyo at Beams.

Merchandise Inspired by Mickey:

  • Disney Interactive Studios — Learning, creativity and game titles in successful release with others in production
  • Fashion & Home — Apparel, accessories and footwear for infants, teens and adults, and a line of home furnishings and décor for kids and families
  • Food, Health, & Beauty — A wide assortment of Mickey branded food products
  • Home Entertainment — Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment continues to release DVD titles based on the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse series.
  • Publishing — Activity, coloring and novelty books, comic books, magazines and storybooks
  • Toys & Electronics — Toys and consumer electronics such as portable DVD players and home appliances
  • Stationery — Journals, notebooks, pens, and party supplies