One of the great things I took away from the Museum of Pin-tiquities event at Epcot recently, was the access they provided to some of the new products coming from the various business units at Disney. One of the hot ones, naturally, is the Vinylmation line of collectibles from Disney and they did not disappoint with the new products they have in queue.


On the heels of the successful launch of the Disney Vinylmation product line, Disney followed up with a couple of great series. Now, after viewing the new products they have in the queue, this line of collectible/toy is really getting set to explode.

There are several new lines of Vinylmation character sets in the production schedule ranging in style from an all clear set of characters to a line specifically aimed at girls. The new characters are all based around the core 3″ figures with some sets also offering the full-size 9″ figures as well.

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As the Vinylmation series really began with a line of trading pins, Disney has continued to expand and evolve this line as well. There are several new series of pins to complement the Vinylmation line of 3″ and 9″ characters. From the holiday line of pins to the park series, these pins are great if you only collect pins, but add some great value if your collection spans the entire Vinylmation line of collectibles.


Wrapping it up

Vinylmation-new-pin-series-001It is no secret that I am a fan of this line of toy, having designed toys early in my career, and I think Disney has made a considerable effort in this market. There are some great independent developers that are really pushing the boundaries using Disney’s characters and I am glad to see that The Walt Disney Co. is taking those developments to heart and letting their product development team push the internal boundaries as well.

The company is planning to continue with the artist signings as well, since they have been such a big guest event, but there were no scheduled dates announced at the Pin-tiquities event. As those dates are announced, we will provide that information here and through our Facebook page.