The thrill of plummeting down a water chute, screaming and making a giant splash are just as exciting today as they were on July 17, 1989, when Splash Mountain opened in Critter Country at Disneyland park. Guests continue to celebrate the journey through a magical world in a hollowed-out log, singing along with characters on classic songs such as “Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah” and enjoying this very special “laughing place.”

© Copyright Disney

© Copyright Disney

Splash Mountain opened its gates as a groundbreaking attraction, becoming one in a line of treasured “mountains” at the Disneyland Resort. With innovative technology and Disney creativity, the lavish production gives guests an escape from reality and immerses them into a fantasy world.

Guests board one of the logs and begin their journey, twisting and turning through sparkling waters and climbing to the top of the 87-foot tall mountain. Along the way, guests are greeted by more than 100 characters who are playing and singing time-honored classic songs from Walt Disney’s 1946 animated film, “Song of the South.” While ascending to the top, playful vultures taunt riders about their fast-approaching and imminent decline. Once at the peak, riders take a thrilling five-story, 52-foot drop down a steep descent, making a huge “splash” into the awaiting pond below. Once safely at the bottom, and with “plenty of sunshine” headed their way, guests are treated to what is commonly known as the Disney “national anthem”, “Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah.” Here, riders are encouraged to sing along, come again and have some more fun with the mischievous, yet comical characters.

When it opened, Splash Mountain starred one of the largest casts of animated characters of the time. Today, Splash Mountain continues to be a favorite attraction, partly because it reaches the fastest speed of all rides at Disneyland Park, at approximately 40 miles an hour. With its rich heritage, cast of characters, catchy songs, and white-knuckle adventure, “Splash Mountain” continues to be a  thrilling journey.

Splash Mountain” gives Disneyland guests yet another way to answer, “What Will You Celebrate?” In 2009, guests are celebrating all sorts of milestones in their lives, including birthdays, graduations, marriages, family reunions and very special milestone anniversaries.