Families across the country are gearing up for back-to-school, and as the season approaches parents are worried about managing their children’s hectic schedules and dealing with school bullies. According to a recent survey from Disney Family.com, 84 percent of parents report that their children are involved with some sort of extracurricular activity and 71 percent report that their children are involved in two or more activities. Moms are increasingly tasked with managing hectic schedules as 43 percent reported they handle all transportation related to extracurricular activities, even as many of these moms work full-time.

Another key concern for parents headed into the new school year is bullying. Eighty-two percent of parents reported that their children either witnessed bullying or were the victims of bullying in school. Survey data also showed that bullying has increased in recent generations with 33 percent of parents reporting that they were bullied in school, while those same parents reported that 42 percent of their children have been bullied.

Amidst the concerns, parents also reported that family-time is a priority with nearly nine out of ten families still managing to sit down for dinnertogether at least two nights during the school week while one in four families has instituted a weekly family game night.

To help make the back-to-school transition as hassle-free as possible and ensure families are able to spend quality time together, Disney Family.com launched a back-to-school resource with tips and advice for parents faced with keeping everything in order during this stressful time.

“From school lunch ideas to back-to-school budgeting tips and a survival guide to help moms manage schedules, Disney Family.com is a one-stop resource for busy moms,” said Emily Smith, Vice President of the Disney Online Mom and Family Portfolio. “Back to school can be a difficult transition period for everyone in the family and our goal is to provide moms with tools they can use to make it as easy and stress-free as possible.”

In addition to survey findings, the back-to-school resource features tips and ideas including: