A new app launches today for us Disney fans; Wishing Stars, an iPhone Game for Disney Theme Park Fans.


Although I have not played the app since I am in Florida, it looks like a great new way to view Disneyland. The application offers a series of scavenger hunts around Disneyland that uses your iPhone and its GPS to help you hunt through the park to solve puzzles and earn wishing stars.


There are 14 quests in the game, from easy to hard, that enable you to wander all over Disneyland in your hunt to solve these puzzles. The clues lead you to different locations throughout the park and the GPS-enabled iPhone alert you when you have completed the quest.


I look forward to seeing the Walt Disney World version, which is said to be under development, later in the year or next year.

Wrapping it up

With the D23 Expo just around the corner, this might be a great way to see the park with a group of folks in attendance. Wishing Stars (link opens iTunes application) is available from the app store on iTunes.