The elite unit of elves from ABC’s new holiday television special “Disney Prep & Landing” have taken their covert operation digital. Disney.com features an online command center for all things “Prep & Landing,” offering full-length streaming of the entire special starting on Dec. 9, and an original short “Tiny’s BIG Adventure.” Additionally, Disney Family.com is offering a variety of printables and holiday craft activities, while iPhone and iPod Touch users can take “Disney Prep & Landing” fun with them through a new mobile game (opens new window).

Disney Prep & Landing” features on Disney.com include:

Full-length “Disney Prep & Landing” special will be available for streaming

Disney.com original short video “Tiny’s Adventure”

Kringle Academy online game, where players can train to someday become part of the “Disney Prep & Landing” team

Digital toys and downloadable artwork

Disney Prep & Landing” features on Disney Family.com include:

Do-It-Yourself “Prep & Landing” booklet, offering kids a guide to prep their house for Santa’s arrival

A printable village play set so kids can dream up their own adventures for Wayne and Lanny

Printable 3-D versions of the “Disney Prep & Landing” elves

Dozens of different holiday crafts and printable activities, including a Gingerbread man decoder, ornaments, and even a elf-size door craft so kids without a fireplace can make sure Wayne and Lanny inspect their home

Disney Prep & Landing App

iPhone and iPod Touch users can purchase and download a new “Disney Prep & Landing” game featuring three mini-games and other content based on the television special. Players assume the role of Lanny, an elf in training, who takes on the various challenges and obstacles experienced at Kringle Academy. With the help of fellow rookie Wayne, Lanny’s goal is to finish the last three exams, graduate from the Academy and become part of the elite group of elves who prepare houses for Santa’s arrival. Cost: $.99 (opens new window).