Throughout my life I have been an avid reader and collector of books. In another life I even owned a book store with my brothers. We ran an independant book store in this great town in New Jersey, near where we grew up. It was a great period in my life where we were trying to create a place for people who love books.

I have continued my life-long love affair with books through today, even though Book Bros. is long gone, and have passed this affection for the written word onto my own daughters. With that they have inherited an immense library of children’s books from my childhood as well as numerous editions illustrated by some of America’s greatest illustrators that I have spent the first part of my life acquiring. Naturally, A large number of these are Disney tales. Some of my earliest rare books were Disney specific tomes; most of which I still own today.

In keeping with my avocation as a bookworm, we are introducing a new series for the site that will focus on Disney books – our bookshelf. Our Bookshelf will focus on the great variety of books, many from our own collection, that are available to the Disney enthusiast. We will highlight a wide variety of the books available from the early editions and rarities we have squirreled away from childhood to some of the great books coming out the Disney Editions imprint that interest the Disneyana community.

If you are a reader, we hope you will enjoy this new addition to our topics of discussion for all things Disney. If you are not a reader, there are plenty of great books we will highlight that provide a great visual showcase of the history and heritage of the magic of Walt Disney and his imagination. Also, if you have any recommendaitons over the coming months, please feel free to drop us a line or comment on the site. We hope you will enjoy this new feature to the site.

You can look forward to these mid-week in hopes that you may find some good weekend reading to inspire you with some Disney magic.