With the holidays already upon us and more on the way, what are some ideas for the Disney fan(s) in your life? We will be adding some posts over the coming days about this very subject and with our first idea, we look for an item that would make your iOS device happy.

Wandering around Tomorrowland the other day I spotted a wide selection of iPhone/iPod and iPad covers. From Performance Designed Products comes a line of iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad covers that have some serious character.

With characters ranging from our beloved Mickey Mouse to Tim Burton’s grinning Cheshire Cat, these covers provide a unique way to protect your iOS device as well as show some serious Disney-pride.

I opted for a Kermit the Frog iPhone 4 cover and a Vintage Mickey Mouse cover for my iPad. The iPhone case fits perfectly over the phone and has a nice feel when you are holding the phone. The phone cover also includes a protective screen cover with a complementary character on the lower portion. Having been a surfer/skateboarder I am adept at putting stickers on surfaces, but there were no instructions with either of these products.

To put the sticker on, make sure the surface is completely clean. Remove the protective backing of the sticker and position it over your device. What you really want to do is then make contact with the middle of the sticker to the device and slowly work your way out to the edges, removing any air bubbles by gently pressing the as you press the sticker onto the screen. Even despite doing this, I was unable to remove a couple of stubborn bubbles at the edges of the phone (you can see these in the photo above).

The iPad cover is a little bit more straightforward. It is a shell case that slides over the back of the device. It is a bit more difficult to get the iPad seated in the cover, but if you press gently at the corners it should seat comfortably. The iPad cover does not include a sticker for the face of the iPad but does have a neoprene slip-case for the iPad with a small rubber Mickey Tag at the bottom.

I really like the phone cover, but am pretty ambivalent about the iPad case. I have been using Apple’s case since I bought the iPad and had no real complaints with their cover. This PDP cover however, seems to limit the Wi-Fi reception of my iPad significantly. Areas in my home where I had coverage are now out of range with this cover on my iPad. I have seen no such effect with the iPhone cover, however.

The pricing may also keep some of you from these products. The iPhone/iPod cases are $29.99 but the iPad cases are $59.99. I can see spending the money for the phone, especially to get your favorite character branded on the phone, but the $60 price tag seems awfully steep for the iPad cover. Although the iPad cover is significantly larger, it still is just plastic with nothing special integrated into its design; and the fact that it hampers the Wi-Fi signal on your device, I would recommend sticking with the iPhone/iPod touch covers.

I hope this gave you another option for your tech-using-disney-loving gift needs this holiday season. Look for more ideas here on the site throughout this season, and Happy Holidays!