Took a drive over to Downtown Disney Marketplace this weekend and finally ventured into the newly relocated Little MissMatched store – it has moved from the West Side over to the Marketplace. The revamped space seems a lot more open, brighter and it is appears to be more appropriate to the clientele to be situated at the Marketplace.

There are two entrances into the store: one from the carousel side and the other from the dockside.

One of the things we also saw was their brand new line of Disney-themed products. They have only been on the market for the last five days, but considering the response from my girls, they have a winner with these new lines.

Mickey & Minnie sweater hoodie
Multiple character-inspired socks (anklet length only)
Detail of the Pooh-themed socks
Mickey in Fall colors

Cute character themed bags as well

This new line is sure to resonate with fans of the store. I am glad they moved over to such a bright new location and hope they have great success in the Marketplace. If you have any fans of LittleMissMatched, you will surely want to stop by the next time you are at Downtown Disney. But don’t worry if you can’t wait ’til your next trip, you can see the full line at their website.