H is for Haunted Mansion

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So, I have always been a bit of a nerd…okay, more than a bit, a whole lot of nerd going on here. One of the projects we have been working on has been a periodic table of the elements of attractions.

Taking that nerd gene and combining it with the best of being a Disney geek to create a unique series of posters that celebrate Disney’s parks and resorts in a new, and we think, interesting way.

Periodic Elements of Attractions

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One of the impetuses behind this series was a drive to find a new way to present data for an iOS application. Having worked on app design for years, we have always been on the lookout for new ways and interesting ways to browse the many offerings available at a Disney park.

The first poster is the elements of attractions of the Magic Kingdom. We have used the current lineup of attractions and dining locations in the park, per the latest map available in the Magic Kingdom.

The next poster will be Disneyland, with the other parks following suit. Ultimately, we will create one giant poster comprising all of the attractions for the Walt Disney World Resort as well as Disneyland and the other Disney destinations around the world.

The current design is single color with a spot color design in the works. When all the single park designs are finished, a full color version will be created as well, with each set of attractions from each park having their own color palette.

Elements of attractions key

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The design of the elements is based around some of the periodic table design as well as expanded to include geolocation and some location based functionality. As you can see the attractions are easily discernible from the dining locations while each maintain the same structure for review the data presented.

Lands of the Magic Kingdom

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At the footer of the poster you can find the key as well as the designation for the lands within the Magic Kingdom. We are in the process of producing a letterpress version, as well as some shirts and other merchandise, of the initial poster; if you are interested please let us know. We will post the relevant shopping information once we have the first series produced, in the meantime you can find a larger-sized version here.


The response to the elements of attractions has been great and we are very thankful for the kind worlds from so many cool friends around the internets. We have begun to release some items through Society6. You can check back here, or those sites, for information on more products related to the Elements of Attractions. As always, thanks for stopping by and look for the next in our series coming soon.