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So one of the newer apps from Disney is the Disneyland Explorer for the iPad. It is a pretty big download (429 Mb) but that is primarily due to the unique navigation implemented in this app; a parallax-based scrolling engine that allows you to pan around the entire Disneyland Resort.

Main St. U.S.A.

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From the classic Disneyland theme park and Disney California Adventure to Downtown Disney and their hotels, this app allows you to get a glimpse of all the great things around the Disneyland Resort.

Prates of the Caribbean

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This app is a little different from the standard destination tourism app in that it is completely self-guided. You are on your own as you begin to explore the Disneyland Resort flicking left and right throughout  the resort. As you flick left and right you can click on many of the images in the landscape and discover more information about the selected item, with the options being: photo, video or mini-game.

Pirates of the Caribbean mini-game

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From single images and movies to some mini-games there is a lot to see in this app but almost all of it offers only a cursory glance without any real information to help you decide your vacation planning needs. Many of these mini-games are really designed for kids (4-7 year olds) and present very little in terms of playability but are offered more, in my opinion, as thematic enhancements for the spirit of the attraction they represent.

The Haunted Mansion

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With so much to see around Disneyland this is an extremely ambitious app. Overall it is fun to play with due to the fact there are different types of activities throughout your exploration and its navigation is fairly unique for this type of travel app.

The Haunted Mansion mini-game

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However, there is not very much true information about the parks and the attractions at the Disneyland Resort so don’t expect this app to help you make a decision to take a vacation to the Disneyland Resort. It seems purely exploratory in its implementation and more for fans of the park already.

Wrapping it up

Fans of the park and Disney in general will enjoy the app and little ones will get a kick out of the panning navigation and the mini-games. Tweens and teens, however, will lose interest fairly quickly in the app.