As part of an ongoing series of posters featuring some of the more iconic super heroes, and villains, from the Marvel Universe we present the latest painting – Wolverine.

basic illustrator template

Starting with a basic drawing of the costume in illustrator, we are able to define the proportions we need in the series. Once that is established, we take the file and begin working in Photoshop for the painting portion of the illustration.

basic Photoshop file

Once imported into Photoshop, we start adding textures, patterns and begin working on the depth of the painting. This involves lots of layers and painting as well as a limited use of displacement maps.

wolverine v.1

There is a lot of back and forth, working in lights and shadows as we build up a volume to the character. Placing it in a restricted pose and environment to match the other illustrations in the series.

Wrapping it Up

You can download some iPad and iPhone lock and home screens for your chosen device.

  1. iPad Lock Screen
  2. iPad Home Screen
  3. iPhone Lock Screen
  4. iPhone Home Screen

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