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Disney’s approach to citizenship is is rooted in the entertainment they create and the special relationship The Walt Disney Company has with children and families around the world.

We believe that our efforts to be a good corporate citizen have a direct impact on our financial strength, as well as our reputation as one of the most trusted and admired companies in the world.
Jay Rasulo, CFO The Walt Disney Company

Some of the targets that were met in 2014 are:

Inspire Other

  • In 2014, 71% of globally licensed wholesale foods met our global Nutrition Guidelines. In 2014, North America met the target.
  • In 2014, we supported the creation of 12 play spaces. Since 2012, we have supported the creation of a total of 52 play spaces.
  • In 2014, we connected 13.4 million kids and families with nature experiences, bringing our total to 38.8 million since 2012.

Acting Responsibly

  • By 2014, donate 18 million books to organizations that provide new books to children in need. In 2014, Disney donated more than 7.1 million books, bringing our total to over 23 million since 2012.
  • By 2014, increase visibility into facilities producing Disney-branded products in high-risk countries by 50%, and achieve 100% visibility by 2018. By 2014, achieve 85% visibility into facilities in high-risk countries that are used in the production of Disney-branded products sold in our vertical retail businesses and achieve 100% visibility by 2017.  By 2014, implement the paper tracking and verification process and system for Phase 1 to support the continued reduction of unwanted sources and prioritizing reduction from high-risk regions. By 2014, demonstrate continued improvement in environmental performance for strategic suppliers in plush, apparel, accessories, and toys.

There are many other targets that are on track for future dates as well as new ones beginning. If you want to find our more of the specifics you can download the report yourself here.

Having lived in Disney’s neighborhood for over 20 years, I have seen the community involvement first-hand at their commitment to being a good neighbor and corporate citizen. I applaud the company for being transparent about these efforts and sharing them with the public as they continue to work towards goals that make better communities around the world.