Well, after yesterday’s announcement we finally have confirmed some of our wild speculations made previously on the site here, and here. Star Wars themed area is coming to Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Disneyland theme parks.

Now the Disney-fan community is collectively racing to figure out where Disney will place these spaces in the existing footprints of their parks, while also considering what Disney might remove to make way for the new attractions.

Disney's Hollywood Studios map

I will only focus on Disney’s Hollywood Studios at the moment. If we look at the current map of the park above, we can see the existing lay-of-the-land.

Possible area for new Star Wars Land

The area drawn out on this map is roughly the 14-acres stated to be the new size of the Star Wars Land. It is very similar to one of our original speculations on the coming land from our earlier post. If following a similar footprint, the land will happily coexist with the perennial favorite, Muppet Vision attraction, which is a concern for many Disney fans. It will, however remove some of the existing San Francisco Street as well as the Lights, Motors, Action! Extreme Stunt Show.

Possible area for the new Toy Story Land

With the newly announced Toy Story Land for Disney’s Hollywood Studios as well, this land will be situated behind Pixar Place and be roughly ten acres. It will most likely only remove backlot and parking facilities. They will have to relocate the iconic Earful Tower, if this is the actual area for the expansion; perhaps they can place this a bit better for visibility from all locations near the park.

It is definitely an exciting time for The Walt Disney Company and fans of its many characters as it brings more to life all in the Disney Parks and Resort around the world. We look forward to learning more about all the details and sharing them here on etckt.com.