Iron Man experience concept art

© Copyright Disney

Hong Kong Disneyland saw the successful topping out of Iron Man Experience today, a milestone in the resort’s overall plan to bring more amazing Disney experiences to guests. As part of a new Marvel-themed area slated to open in late 2016, Iron Man Experience will take guests on an epic adventure across Hong Kong alongside Marvel hero Tony Stark—a.k.a. Iron Man—as he flies into battle against the forces of evil in this high-tech, motion based simulation.

The new Marvel-themed area is right on schedule for its upcoming launch in Tomorrowland inside the park. Iron Man Experience, a first-of-its-kind attraction at Disney, will be set in the bustling metropolis of Hong Kong. Iron Man will fly all the way from Hong Kong Disneyland to Victoria Harbour, where he will battle along Hong Kong Island’s main roads.

Iron Man Experience concept art

© Copyright Disney

Joined by a local production crew, a team from the United States earlier filmed shots of the city’s iconic streets and skyline for use in the ride. Location shooting has already completed, and the film has now moved into production. The overall area will also boast a Marvel-themed merchandise store and character greeting experience where guests can take a photo with the iron-clad hero himself.