A new year brings new promise. This year will allow us to refocus on one of the things we love – Disney (and its ever-expanding universe). I saw Star Wars: The Last Jedi twice over the holidays; the first time I really did not like it. The movie had too many plot holes and subplots that really distracted from driving the story forward.

On the second viewing, since it had already disappointed me as a franchise film in the Star Wars saga, I settled in with a much less critical eye and just enjoyed the ride. I won’t say that I like the film, but it was great to see my favorite Disney Princess on the screen for her last time. In Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Carrie literally took my breath away when she appeared that first time on screen – to see her and Harrison Ford reprise the roles of my childhood was a wonderful moment.

Seeing her on this film was much more melancholy. Despite my feelings for this installment in the franchise, I still took some time to create a portrait of General Organa. If you are interested in prints, please contact us through our twitter or instagram accounts.