I am usually skeptical of sequels/prequels etc. of stories that were never intended to have that story arc. Tinker Bell is a caveat to that long held belief and a wonderful new movie from Disney available on DVD and Blu Ray today.

This movie is an incredibly immersive story about the birth of Tink and how she became so beloved by us all. I was amazed at the depth of the story and wondered why this was not a theatrical release for Disney, considering the potential for success on a story so strong.

Nevertheless, this is an engaging story with the parts that fit together nicely. The animation is incredible and the voice-talent is spot on. There is not a moment that fails in the movie and I imagine that is due to the involvement of John Lasseter and great direction by Bradley Raymond.

The great thing about this development as well, is the inclusion, finally, of Tinker Bell within the Magic Kingdom. Inside Mickey’s Toontown Fair you can enter the Fairy Tale Pavillion and go to Pixie Hollow and meet Tink, Silvermist, Iridessa and any of her other friends who might stop on by.

It is a great addition to the film vault as well as to the experience in the parks. Enjoy~