On any given day, each park has a specific ritual for opening and greeting the guests. The most elaborate, IMHO, of these at Walt Disney World is at the Magic Kingdom.


It is only natural that the opening ceremonies to the parks at the Walt Disney World Resort have a sense of magic and wonder. It was in fact Walt’s wish that Disneyland (and the Walt Disney World by proxy):

that it will be a source of joy and inspiration to all the world

Having worked at the company for years and been a life-long fan, I still realize these moments are special. Not everyone has the ability to live near the parks and experience the thrills on any given day. To make these ordinary tasks extraordinary moments, Walt Disney World creates an event to be remembered.

What better moment to make an event than opening the park, everyday. Everyday is someone’s first visit to the park and celebrating the rope drop every day gives us guests, the chance to participate in a magical experience they can remember for a lifetime.