One of the fastest rides in the park is Test Track. It is a simulation of the paces an automaker will put a model car through during its development and production.


Test Track was one of the newer thrill rides at the parks when it was opened. There was a need to develop some more exciting attractions for the thrill-seekers and this was a perfect solution and Epcot was a great location for this new ride.

I remember when the ride was being built; my office was at Epcot and watched with fascination as they built this new attraction that veered over the backstage. There was a lot of excitement in those days as these new rides were being built and tested.

There is a story that on one of the test runs Judson Green (then head of Walt Disney World) and Al Weiss (current head) rode the attraction together. The ride went flawlessly and it was given rave reviews.

Not too long after that test, there was a mishap with test dummies that would have proved injurious to human occupants. Due to this event, there were no longer multiple executives allowed to ride together on the rides, lest a similar event occur.

Whether the story is true or one of the many urban legends surrounding the Disney Company it makes a good tale. Despite the drama, this is one of the best rides at Epcot and well worth the wait.

If you are up to a shorter wait and willing to ride by yourself, try the single-rider line. It is usually much faster and will help you use your time more effectively in the park.