The Seas with Nemo and Friends is a great example of integrating the film world of Disney with the parks and attractions expertise of the Imagineers. Originally planned for Epcot, The Living Seas was upgraded after the enormous success of Finding Nemo and these changes made a wonderful attraction even better.

Originally planned for the opening of the Epcot, The Living Seas wasn’t opened until a few years later (1986). At the time it was constructed it was the largest aquarium in the world and offered an unparalleled view into the beauties of the undersea world.

After Pixar’s successful film, Finding Nemo, the Imagineers were tasked with integrating more of the characters and brands into the parks. This was a natural fit for the attraction which would soon become The Seas with Nemo and Friends.

The Living Seas had always been a popular favorite, but was showing its age when this concept arrived. Now there is no more motion-sickness-inducing hydrolators, only a serene evening beach setting as you wind your way towards the actual ride. The queue area has been well thought out and is a great way to avoid the summer heat here in Central Florida.

Once you board your clam-mobiles (soundseeing audio included in the podcast below), the ride winds you through a mix of traditional Disney ride design and incorporation of video technologies to include the animated characters from Finding Nemo.

The real surprise is the end of the ride, where the characters are swimming about the undersea tank with the other real fish. But the fun doesn’t stop there; there is a host of attractions to view in the space. One of the most amazing is Turtle Talk with Crush.

This is another new advancement in the attractions at Walt Disney World. The animated character in this movie can interact with the audience in ways unimaginable before. Crush cracks jokes and swims about in a humorous experience that is not to be missed.

All-in-all The Seas with Nemo and Friends has evolved with the parks growth and our love for all things Pixar and Disney. Check it out on your next visit to Epcot.