Epcot, like all of Disney’s parks goes to great lengths to create a memorable experience for all of its guests. From the rides and attractions to the street performers sprinkled throughout the parks that provide, what Disney calls, streetmosphere.

Streetmosphere is that intangible quality provided by the sites, sounds, smells, etc. you find in the parks. These qualities are particular to each park and even each land you may be walking through at the time, but they are inescapable at a Disney park. Those is the key differentiators of a Disney park and some of the other amusement parks you may be familiar with.

Great examples of streetmosphere can be found throughout every park, but I think one of my favorite is the Fife and Drum Corp. The Fife and Drum Corp performs at The American Adventure in Epcot and are an extremely accomplished example of the wonderful performers who work at the Walt Disney World Resort.

These folks have been performing at the park since the beginning and perform some classic American patriotic tunes while also interacting with the crowds. They always do something special for the kids during the day and I certainly recommend taking some time to watch some wonderful artists at work.