Continuing on the world tour of Christmas celebrations we stop in one of my favorite places, France, to hear from Pere Noel and how the French celebrate the holidays.

There are so many ways to celebrate the special holidays and it is amazing how many wonderful ways you can find through the nations around the world. A common thread, I have found, is the warmth of family and friends surrounded by wonderful things to eat. In France it is Le Reveillon; a symbolic awakening to the meaning of the birth of Jesus as well as a culinary high-point for most.


One of the things I enjoy most about Epcot, is this ability to learn from others around the world about their cultures and traditions. How we are so very similar in most respects, and how are differences only accentuate the conversations we can have. Wandering through the World Showcase at Epcot, you get a glimpse at the great traditions that have been kept alive for centuries, passed down through families for generations. Christmas is a special time and Epcot is a great way to experience some of the Disney magic sprinkled through your holiday season.