The monorail was the fastest ride at Walt Disney World for decades. It was only when they opened Test Track, at Epcot, did it have to pass that mantle on to another.

Nevertheless, riding the monorail is one of the greatest attractions at Walt Disney World due to the simple fact that there are very few of these miraculous vehicles in the world. They are sleek, welcoming and a thrill to ride regardless of how many times you have been on one. Even some of the more famous monorails in America are mere loops around an airport and nothing more so riding across the Florida landscape as you wind you way to Epcot is an experience like nowhere else in the world.

Disney’s monorails take you on a scenic tour from park to park and back again and are well worth whatever wait you may have to sustain. One of the things you must do is to ask to ride up front. If there is room, and if you wait long enough there is always room, you can ride along with the Monorail Pilot.

Riding along in the front gives you an entirely different perspective on the experience and one that will elicit giddiness from even the oldest kids in your group.

This video is from Disney’s Contemporary Resort through the Ticket and Transportation Center stopping at Disney’s Polynesian Resort. One of the perks from riding up front is that you can get your Monorail Co-Pilot’s License. It is a nice little extra you get for just taking part in the magic at The Walt Disney World Resort, here in Central Florida and kids of all ages will cherish the memories.



I found the leg from the Magic Kingdom to the Contemporary and added it to the above video. Newer, longer version below.