The Indy Speedway in Tomorrowland at the Magic Kingdom has always been a favorite of children of all ages; and with good cause since it is such an iconic part of the park.

I remember driving the cars when it was called the Grand Prix as a kid. Even though they are not the fastest vehicles on the property, the Indy Speedway remains a favorite for me and millions of other people who visit the Magic Kingdom every year.


Speedway License Front 001 One of the great things at Walt Disney World is how the castmembers treat children. Anyone with a 3 year old can tell you how magical stickers are, so you can only imagine the thrill of collecting the various stickers from around the park. One of the lesser known pieces of magic is the Official Speedway License. These are not always available, but keep asking the castmembers and I am sure you may be able to obtain one.

Speedway License Back 001 There is space on the back for your children to write their names and date of the trip. It is a great little keepsake for the photo albums and one that I know my children love to get whenever they can. We are slowly growing the file of licenses for many of the rides and attractions at the Magic Kingdom, and all of the parks here at Walt Disney World.