There is so much going on at the parks in The Walt Disney World Resort, that there is barely time to keep up. One of the most interesting aspects of visiting a Disney park is the streetmosphere.

Main St. Carriage

Streetmosphere is using performers, props, period appropriate scripting, etc. to create a sense of time and place for the guests on the street. It is a combination of street and atmosphere and no place does it better than the castmembers at The Walt Disney Co.

As an example, we were walking through Frontierland the other day, when seemingly out of nowhere a rustic trio appeared and serenaded the guests as we walked down Frontierland’s main drag.


These are just some of the performers that make your experience more magical at the Magic Kingdom. There is the Mayor on Main St. U.S.A. with his friend the Fire Chief, or the Dapper Dans or the countless other castmembers that provide that presence to make the streetmosphere of a Disney Theme Park complete.

This practice goes back to Walt, himself, and Disneyland’s opening days. While I was working at Disney Worldwide Services, I had the pleasure to meet a man who as a young boy was hired by Walt himself to be Tom Sawyer for Tom Sawyer’s Island at the Disneyland Park in Anaheim, CA. He told of how there were newsboys, singers, dancers, etc. throughout the park to insure that the guests would have the time of their life; ensuring Disneyland was like nowhere esle in the world. That tradtion continues today, at all of the parks at The Walt Disney World Resort here in Central Florida and through all of the parks around the world.