Disney’s Animal Kingdom is a different kind of Disney experience all together. As such, their opening is just a little different than the other parks as well. For one, they have Mickey Mouse and his pals.

I remember before the park was opened, and we were working on the virtual grand opening to coincide with the actual events of the day at the park, and seeing the excitement in the castmembers as they worked to get every aspect of the park just right. From the Imagineers to the front-line castmembers, everyone associated with the park opening was excited to participate in this new breed of park.

That type of magic continues today and everyday at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. The international cast, the shows and the ever-expanding roster of rides and attractions make this park something special. The morning greeting and rope drop are something special as well. It is worth it to see it at least once, just to get the feel of the care that goes into making magical experiences for the guests at the Walt Disney World Resort.



I have since added an HD version of the opening. I was a bit closer this time, so I thought I would add it to the post as well.