Meet the etckt (officially changed his name from e-ticket) mascot. Walked through Epcot the other day and they had a trove of the 9″ Disney Vinylmation characters at the Art of Disney.

eticket 002.jpgI was so excited when I saw the original press release about these new toys (collectibles for adults like myself) on The first chance I got, I went looking to track some down. Alas, all I could find were a bunch of white 9″ models and the occasional Small World 9″ version as well.

All of the 3″ ones were sold out entirely so I turned to ebay. Although I found a couple and discovered our little mascot, I was sure I could track one down. Lo and behold, last Saturday, as I was making my way through Future World, I stopped in the Art of Disney and there were a good dozen of the E-Ticket 9″ versions sitting on the shelf.

Well, needless to say our site needed a mascot and one of these little guys needed a home so welcome our new mascot.

E-Ticket Vinylmation