Flights of Wonder is a great show in Asia, at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, that up until recently I had never seen. An original attraction at the park, I just had never made the time to see the show, and boy have I been missing out on a great, great show.


Opening with a flurry of feathers and musical score for accompaniment the show opens with your host who proceeds to tell us some of the work that is done at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Our host then proceeds to bring out birds and guests on a wonderfully interactive show that has some beautiful birds and a few opportunities to get up close for photos.

Video Segment


Quick Facts

The show is not some dry recitation of facts and simple examples for you to see. It is a completely engaging and interactive show that has a few nice bits thrown in for comedic relief; the biggest laughs come from a somewhat misguided tour guide who stumbles into the theater looking for his tourists. Guano Joe adds the right amount of comedy to the show, but the real stars are the birds themselves.

You are encouraged to visit the stage after the show if you want a closer look at the birds and I would highly recommend that you do. Rarely will you get a chance to get so close to some of these wonderful animals in such a friendly atmosphere.

Final Say…

The show is about a half an hour, not inluding time for the queue which has its own fun and educational features which make the time go by quickly, so budget accordingly. Also, the birds fly around the theater, so anyone who is a bit fearful of our winged friends should probably skip this attraction, but as friendly as the show is I would encourage even those to folks to attend (just sit near the reat entrance in case you want to scoot out – I bet you won’t, however).