In celebration of another Disney collectible series, The Art of Disney, at the Downtown Disney Marketplace, will be holding an artists party.There will be artists on hand to meet and greet and even get your vinylmation piece signed – if there are any left in stock.

The latest Disneyana collectible trend is the Disney Vinylmation Park Series from The Art of Disney Theme Parks and available only at select locations across Walt Disney World and Disneyland. What seems to have started this past summer (2008.07.29) with a trading pin series has now grown into a full blown vinyl action figure. These figures take a lot of inspiration from the great vinyl toys coming out of Japan, which have been quite collectible for years now, and gives them their unique Disney interpretation.

Park #1

The first series, Park #1, contain 11 standard figures and 1 special collector figure; more commonly referred to as a chase figure. A case of the 3″ figures has 24 boxes, yet only 1 chase figure so there collectibility is insured. The vinylmation figures are packaged in blind packs, meaning you do not know which figure you have until you open it, and are $9.5 for the 3″ and $39.95 for the 9″ figures.

The 9″ figures are wonderful but the 3″ figures seems to be the most collectible due to their price point. Their is a blank 9″ figure that is for sale as well, which allows you to customize your own vinylmation character. I have seen a couple of fun ones on flickr and am debating trying one out myself.

3″ List

All figures are based on items, events and attractions found throughout the park and the 3″ series figures are (cannot seem to find complete listing for the 9″ figures):

  • Bad Apple (artist – Randy Noble)
  • Creepy Wallpaper (artist – Donna Kozatek)
  • Fireworks (artist – Jo Ling Yap)
  • ELP Mickey (artist – Dawn Ockstadt)
  • Magical Stars (artist – Rachel Sur)
  • SMRT-1 (artist – Celeste Cronrath)
  • Teacup (artist – Lisa Badeen)
  • Yeti Mouse (artist – Kyle Price)
  • Figmouse (artist – Maria Clapsis)
  • Monorail Red (artist – Dan Howard)
  • Kermit (artist – Monty Maldovan)
  • and the Balloon Chaser figure.

Event Info

Having been a fan of toys and Disney, these are an interesting new line of collectibles available today. The event will be held at The Art of Disney at the Downtown Disney Marketplace, Friday February 6, 2009 from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM.